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Why Scott Walker’s Win in the Recall Election Matters

Pundits will be talking about the recall election in Wisconsin for the next several days.  Exit polls will be analyzed, campaign messages that worked and didn’t worked discussed, and conclusions reached on why the recall effort failed.  When one “drills down” to the bottom of the matter though, it seems there is really only one answer: Wisconsin voters rejected the policies of President Obama and his party.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at Victory Speech After June 5, 2012 Recall Election

Whether you agree or disagree with his decisions, there is no denying Governor Walker has made some difficult ones in his short time in office.  It is likely fair to say that the most controversial of these, cutting benefits of the public employee unions, was among the most unpopular and likely drove this recall effort.  The cuts were undeniably made because the state could no longer afford to spend at the rate it had in previous years under Democratic control.

The outcome in the recall election suggests that the people of Wisconsin don’t side with the President on the issue.  The approach of President Obama and his party to spend our way into prosperity is simply unsustainable and must be reversed.  What’s more, history shows it doesn’t work.  We must re-learn that government cannot provide everything and get control over spending.  As part of this, the public sector unions must learn to live within their means like everyone else in this fragile economy.

It seems a safe bet the President is becoming acutely aware that many of his initiatives since taking office have failed.  Rather than show up in Wisconsin in support of what he likely knew weeks ago was a losing cause, he chose to stay on the sidelines and avoid the hit that would come from actively campaigning for a losing candidate.  As a result, Wisconsin could be in play come November.


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