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Krauthammer: Reid Accusation Is “McCarthyism” And “As Low As You Can Go”

Charles Krauthammer is a pretty smart guy.  He pretty much nails this one.  Don’t count on a word from the Administration or the main stream media as he suggests should happen though.

Here is what he said:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This isn’t silly season, this is disgrace season. The hypocrisy of Democrats on this — remember, it’s the Democrats and liberals in the media who take endless pride in having opposed McCarthyism. The essence of McCarthyism is to use a high place, high office to make innuendo, unsubstantiated charges and then destroy other people by means of doing that.
This is a blind accusation by Harry Reid where he says, ‘I have in my head the word from one person who will remain unnamed that Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes, and he says he didn’t pay his taxes.’
Is there a single Democrat in leadership anywhere, or particularly in the White House who will denounce him as he needs to be denounced for what is, undoubtedly, a McCarthyite tactic? It’s even worse.
Nancy Pelosi, doubles down, uses him as a way to demand the release of the tax returns and says it’s a fact. ‘What’s a fact?’ she says. The fact is he was told. That’s like saying it’s a fact that McCarthy was told there were 57 communists. The implication is that the innuendo is a fact. But the innuendo itself is a fabrication and it’s McCarthyism.
Look, this is a president who came in on hope and change, transcending partisanship, a new kind of politics. Four years later, with a failed administration, where is the administration stooping? With McCarthyite tactics, which it refuses to disavow. This is about as low as you can go.


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