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The Last 4 Years Is What “Leading From Behind” Gets You

After being elected, President Obama coined a phrase that could only be uttered by someone who has no idea how the real world works.  He announced to the world his intended policy of “leading from behind”.  Skipping over the obvious definitional problem this phrase presents, let’s instead measure it from the just a few of the outcomes it has produced.

When is it no longer President Bush’s fault?

(1)  The President tells us he inherited a bad economy and called on – or  more aptly stated threw – President Bush in front of the bullet on this one.  Over 3 years later, after passing his stimulus bills and a number of other Keynesian policies that we were promised would lower unemployment to around 5%, it’s still Bush’s fault.

(2)   After promising to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, open a dialogue with Iran, apologizing to the Muslim world for America’s alleged insensitivities, and ignoring our staunchest ally in the Middle East, we were led to believe that those in the world who dislike us for simply being American would come around.  If we explained to them that we now understood our transgressions and would no longer try to run the world they would simply leave us alone.  To the contrary, Iran is closer than ever to going nuclear and literally starting World War III by going after Israel and our embassies in various countries (which are legally American soil) are being invaded with impunity.  The void left by the projection of American strength is begin filled.

(3)  Rather than standing up to China in the trade wars and dealing with growing immigration problems, the President has quietly sold American citizens down the river by refusing to enforce immigration laws, putting guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels that have killed both Americans and innocent Mexicans (and then, worse, doing everything he can to prevent the truth from coming out about the program), and making little to no effort to make China play by the same rules U.S. companies must follow in trade.

This list does not include debacles like Obama-care and Dodd-Frank, both of which were ceded to Congress almost entirely to write and pass.  It goes on.

The simple truth is that this President was always infatuated with the idea of being president.  He never actually wanted the job.  Instead, he wants the rock star lifestyle the presidency has afforded him.

President Obama Playing Golf

I heard a startling statistic this week.  The American public has shelled out over $1 billion – that’s billion with a B – to support the Obamas in their less than 4 years in office.  Vacations to foreign countries on Air Force One, little jaunts to New York for a night on the town with a Secret Service detail, and countless rounds of golf.  Then, to add injury to insult, he chooses Letterman over the Prime Minister of Israel. 

In short, “leading from behind” is just another slick slogan used by this president and his administration.  It means nothing.  Instead, it is an attempt to justify his unwillingness to engage in the actual job he was hired to do in 2008.

It’s time we hired someone else that is more interested in actually doing the job.


About Josh Quinter

I am a politcally active private practice attorney in Suburban Philadelphia.


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