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Something Amiss In Libya

Some serious questions need to be asked of the Obama Administration about what happened in Libya.  The president and his people are amazingly quiet about what everyone knows was a terrorist attack on American soil.

Evidence is still being discovered.  The most recently unearthed pieces do more to draw an unflattering picture though.  While additional facts are still necessary to completely verify what actually happened, ask yourself whether a scenario such as the following makes any sense.

The president supports regime change in Libya as part of the Arab spring.  Because he prefers to lead from behind and not commit U.S. troops, he covertly supports the so called “freedom fighters” as they come to power.  When the dust settles, the Muslim Brotherhood, a group with known terrorist links, is in control of the Libyan government.  Realizing that he provided intelligence, logistical support, and conventional weapons to the “rebels” that could be traced back to his Administration, he sends in a diplomatic mission that includes two former Navy Seals now serving as CIA agents.  Their objective?  Find and collect the weapons Obama put – perhaps illegally – in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

While Obama is trying to keep it quiet, those in Libya who oppose American interests are not so eager to give up the weapons Obama gave them.  They decide they are going to attack the embassy to make their point.  Embassy personnel and the Ambassador himself ask Washington for more support to protect themselves because they fear for their lives, and the Administration denies or ignores it so as to not draw more attention to the already difficult situation.

Then the unthinkable happens.  They are asleep at the switch and the terrorists attack on September 11th.  Ambassador Stevens is raped and killed and two former Navy SEALS now serving as CIA agents are also dead as a result of the attack.  The result is a major international problem at the most inopportune time.

Think it far-fetched?  Consider what we now know.  The embassy was attacked on 9/11 in two waves using rocket propelled grenades and other tactical weapons that mobs don’t just happen to have with them by chance.  The attackers knew exactly where the Ambassador was hidden after he was moved to a secret safe house and captured him there.  The Libyan leadership, connected with the very same Muslim Brotherhood, says it was in fact a terrorist attack.

More?  While the Administration refuses to open an investigation or send the FBI in, a CNN crew finds the Ambassador’s diary that contains information showing he was in fact afraid for his life.  Other documents recently found at the site, which the Administration has made no effort to lock down or otherwise address to avoid the disclosure of sensitive information, show that the embassy made repeated requests for more security in the weeks leading up to the attack.  Finally, other news sources have confirmed that the SEALs present at the embassy were in country working for the U.S. government looking for weaponry.

I can’t say for sure what the real truth might be, but this scenario or something like it sure seems both logical and possible.  The president’s continued inclination to blame the whole thing on a video in a way that even members of his own cabinet can no longer agree with him on, raises some serious questions about what he is hiding.  Where are the media types looking for the next Watergate story on this one?  This one might actually pan out.


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I am a politcally active private practice attorney in Suburban Philadelphia.


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