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Another Argument to Vote for the Romney-Ryan Ticket

In the closing days of this election, we will hear a great deal about economic plans and Libya and see a few more negative attack ads.  Some of the information we get will be useful, other parts will not.  Because I have already made my decision to vote for Governor Romney, there is not much either candidate can say to sway me at this point.  For all you undecideds, however, here is another thing to think about.

Typically, Vice Presidents are not a reason on which to base your vote.  The general trend is for Vice Presidents to have little influence in the course of an administration and they are essentially irrelevant to people when voting.  While I think Paul Ryan will have a larger than normal seat at the table in a Romney Administration, it is what happens next that is worth taking a moment to consider.

If you are a conservative – like me – you have a lot of respect for Paul Ryan.  He has led where others have not on difficult issues.  He is exceptionally bright, personable, and clearly loves this country deeply.  This is evidenced every time someone can get him to talk about our history and founding documents.  He also understands our biggest problems with entitlements and the welfare state better than anyone.  For these and other reasons, he gets my backing and vote on most issues.

In full disclosure, I wrote long ago that Condi Rice was Romney’s best option for VP.  I reached this conclusion because I thought, in part, that the Governor would never, in a thousand years, pick a true conservative.  In other ways, I thought the optics involved with Condi Rice  would have take some of the tricks the Obama campaign would try – and eventually did with things like the war on women – off the table.  In retrospect, I am glad to be wrong.

A sitting Vice President is in a great place from which to launch a run for President.  By electing Mitt Romney, you place Paul Ryan in a better place to one day be elected President of this great country of ours.  Conversely, if President Obama wins re-election, Vice President Biden will undeniably run for president in 4 years and be in a much better position to win than ever before.  So, consider whether who you would rather have in a better position to be president one day as another factor in making your choice this cycle.  Would you rather see a President Paul Ryan one day or a President Joe Biden?

I know my answer.  I will give you a hint.  If Paul Ryan were on top of the ticket this time, he would hands down have my vote.


About Josh Quinter

I am a politcally active private practice attorney in Suburban Philadelphia.


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