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Election Eve – A Final Thought or Two

As I sit here behind my keyboard on election eve, I find myself nervous and excited.  It’s not unlike the feeling I had as a young athlete at the start of a big game.  You know a lot is on the line, you really want to perform well, and you are hoping that all those hours of training will pay off with a win in the end.  Only this time, I know it’s different.  There is more at stake.

Every 4 years we hear that immortal phrase uttered by at least one of the candidates and many more pundits:  “This is the election of our lifetime”.  Most times, this is hyperbole.  I can’t help but think that this time it’s actually true though.  I believe this not because of any special faith I have in Mitt Romney to be the best president in American history.  I certainly think him qualified and anticipate he would do well.  But this election is important because President Barack Obama is the most reckless and dangerous president in American history.  This election was always about President Obama.

Many different motives have been attributed to his decisions while in the oval office.  Some say he is a Manchurian candidate of sorts.  Others say he is a misguided anti-colonialist.  Still others simply say he is in over his head.  For my part, I think all of these are true to some degree or another.  That being said, I don’t consider him dangerous for any of these reasons.  I believe a president should be measured by the empirical evidence of his record.  And on this, the president is clearly no good for America.

He has apologized to the world for the very qualities that make our country great.  He has spent recklessly and endangered not just my generation, but that of my kids and future grandkids.  He passed ObamaCare over the loud cries from a majority of Americans that we did not want it.  And these account for only a few of his indiscretions.

Stated simply, Barack Obama is bad for America and he is bad for the American people.

So here I sit.  Hopeful that the hard work of Governor Romney, Congressman Paul Ryan, and so many other people who will never be identified by name results in the outcome we all want tomorrow.  So many have invested so much in this presidential campaign because they know – even if they could not find the words to adequately express it – that this country is a great place.  We can do better.  And above all else we know the man currently in the White House will not get us where we want to go regardless of his motivations.  Some knew all along.  Now we hope that others now have sufficient clarity to understand that the “fundamental change” President Obama is selling is not worth buying.  You don’t fundamentally change something you love.

Mitt Romney is a good man and may be able to accomplish a good deal if he is ultimately elected tomorrow.  He is well positioned to do so if hired by the American people.  If he is elected, I believe he can get this economy back on track and help restore America to a leadership role in the world.  But I also recognize that a Romney win is signficant the minute he takes the oath of office because of who will no longer be in charge.  America will be safe from “fundamental change”, at least for a little while.

I love my country and its people.  I don’t want to change it.  I want to preserve what our Founding Fathers gave us and what so many have fought and died to protect.  I hope and, in fact, implore every eligible voter to go out and vote for Mitt Romney tomorrow.  Then, let’s get to the hard work of building this great nation back up for our kids and grandkids like so many generations have done before us.


About Josh Quinter

I am a politcally active private practice attorney in Suburban Philadelphia.


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