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It’s Veteran’s Day – Thank a Member of the Military

We are less than a week out from the election.  As the acrimony settles a little, it is a good time to pause and remember why we are able to have political debates like those we just finished in this great country of ours.  It’s because of the brave, dedicated, and hard working men and women in the U.S. military.

Marines Raising Old Glory Over Iwo Jima

People who serve don’t ask for much.  A simple thank you will suffice.  And when you thank them, you will often hear them say the privilege was all theirs and that they were glad to do it.  They say this with a genuiness that is inescapable.  Without people like this, who volunteer to take up arms to defend us, we would not be – and could not continue to be – the greatest country in the world.

On this Veteran’s Day, remember that when war ravaged countries and frightened people hear an army coming into view, they pray that the flags on the vehicles are American flags.  With the U.S. military comes force sufficient to protect those who need it and the decency to do what is right.

From my family to all those who serve or have served, thank you and God Bless You.


About Josh Quinter

I am a politcally active private practice attorney in Suburban Philadelphia.



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