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National Defense

The Enemy Within?

Two recent news stories, if true, should give Americans a long pause.

Russian Security Forces In Action

Russian Security Forces In Action

The first is a report that the Obama Administration has signed a pact with the Russian government that would allow Russian officials to help provide security at large events and gatherings inside the United States.  In addition to the fact that this may be in direct violation of the law and the president’s Constitutional oath, there is a very practical concern.  Should we be inviting foreign powers onto our own soil to operate in any capacity?  For me, the resounding answer is absolutely not.  Whether the forces are British, Japanese, or Russian is of no consequence.  Even forces from a friendly nation could be abused by a rogue element.  What’s more, I want the best military and police forces in the world – here in America – protecting our citizens.  They are better trained and more invested in saving American lives.

Chinese Sailors

Chinese Sailors

The second story reports that the Russians are engaging in one of the biggest, if not the biggest military exercise in modern times with the Chinese.  History tells us that these two governments are closely aligned.  When you combine the military forces of the two countries, you end up with an extremely powerful force.  Add to the mix that leadership in both countries is not particularly fond of the United States and a problem certainly seems possible.  What’s to stop the Russians from bringing some “Chinese military advisors” with them under pacts the two militaries have when they come to the United States to provide security for the Super Bowl? 

Now, back to that first question.  Is it really a good idea to invite the Russians to join us in providing security inside our own borders?


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I am a politcally active private practice attorney in Suburban Philadelphia.


One thought on “The Enemy Within?

  1. I’ll wager we will not see any coverage of either of these things in the mainstream media!! No surprise there. It is alarming that the POTUS would allow this to happen… it’s as if he is on someone else’s side!!

    Posted by Ted Quinter | July 4, 2013, 4:17 pm

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