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150 Year Anniversary of the Battle Gettysburg An Occasion Worth Marking

The biggest and bloodiest battle of our nation’s Civil War took place at Gettysburg 150 years ago this week.  A confluence of events created the perfect storm that resulted in the deaths of 160,000 Union and Confederate soldiers.  The most well known participant never fired a shot himself though.  It was at Gettysburg, shorlty after … Continue reading

The Day After The Last Debate – A Date To Remember

In the final presidential debate of the 2012 cycle last night, the agreed upon focus was foreign policy.  The candidates discussed their views on various topics from the geopolitics of the Middle East and Asia, to the military and the projection of American power, to terrorism.  Today, one day after the debate, is an opportune time … Continue reading

For you history buffs like me…

For you history buffs like me, here is some rare footage of the Japanese Surrender Ceremony from WWII.

Armstrong Walks On The Moon

44th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong's Moon WalkJuly 20th, 2013
Another Occasion On Which America Lead The Way

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