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Governor Corbett and Montco Commissioner Castor At It Again

Most people in the political world know Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor and Governor Tom Corbett have a long history dating back to the 2004 Attorney General race.  They were at it again recently with regard to Commissioner Castor’s potential primary challenge to the Governor.  Can’t either one take the high ground on this?  If … Continue reading

Representative Stephens Named to Judiciary Committee Again

State Representative Todd Stephens was appointed to serve on the House Judiciary Committee for the 2013-2014 session.  This marks the second session in a row for him and is a positive development for our area and the Republican Party.

Local Special: Who’s Watching the Store?

While I have grown to love this City and most everything about it, I am admittedly not a Philadelphia native.  One thing about the City (not its surrounding areas, although it is starting to develop there as well) that has always bothered me though is the one party system. For as long as I can … Continue reading

Local Special: Montgomery County Should Not Get Special Treatment

State legislators and Governor Corbett have been championing the development of Marcellus Shale since the recent discovery of large volumes of it in Pennsylvania.  Repbulicans have been leading the charge on this issue, and rightfully so.  The discovery is a potential game changer in terms of the Commonwealth’s economy and jobs. Efforts to further the … Continue reading

Armstrong Walks On The Moon

44th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong's Moon WalkJuly 20th, 2013
Another Occasion On Which America Lead The Way

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