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An Interesting Anecdote On Obama’s Policies

A colleague shared this anecdote, seemingly attributed to Steve Forbes, with me today. It certainly makes the point well and would be an interesting way to test the theory of socialism in real life. The question is – and it is not mentioned in this little story – whether the students learned the lesson. The … Continue reading

“Live Free or Die” – A Reprint Worth Reading

The following is a re-print of a speech delivered by noted author Mark Steyn in Imprimis, a free publication of Hillsdale College. I recently re-read this sound analysis – which was published approximately 3 years ago – of what ails the United States. I contend, and have for some time, that it is a cultural … Continue reading

Armstrong Walks On The Moon

44th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong's Moon WalkJuly 20th, 2013
Another Occasion On Which America Lead The Way

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