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“Weapon of Mass Destruction”

A friend recently sent me a post by David Limbaugh which makes the case that President Obama is not negotiating in good faith on taxes and spending.  It’s worth reading.  It’s time for Republicans in Washington to negotiate with the understanding that they do not have a willing partner on the other side, a fact … Continue reading

The Real Losers In The Phil Mickelson Debate

For those who are not aware, professional golfer and fan favorite Phil Mickelson was lambasted last week for daring to mention he might leave his native California because of the high tax rates.  While being interviewed at one of the Tour’s events, he commented on recent developments that required him to back out of the potential ownership … Continue reading

Armstrong Walks On The Moon

44th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong's Moon WalkJuly 20th, 2013
Another Occasion On Which America Lead The Way

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